Welcome to Foxi.Link

Foxi.Link is a magic link shortener and especially a platform to create link destination pages which help you give people visiting links you share more information and destinations for links you are sharing. On top of that, the tool also has integration to add affiliate tags automatically for some public destinations so you do not have to manage those manually.

Private Beta: Registration is Closed

Use-Case: Linking to a Product

Imagine this: you would like to link to a product in your YouTube Video Description but you'd like to link to B&H, eBay, Amazon, and Thomann. Now, you could just link to each of these online websites individually, but then you'd have 4 different links in the description and what if those links ever change or you would like to add another shop to the list?

Enter Foxi.Link: here you can create one short linke called foxi.li/MyProduct and this link will point to a mini page with a title, short description, even your youtube video embedded, and a whole bunch of destination links (e.g. Amazon, Thomann, or the manufacturers site). Your user only has to click ot one page and will be presented with many options, and you will only have to manage one link that you control!

Additionally, we add affiliate tags for different destinations automatically. Those are overwriting any affiliate tags that may be present in the links you enter into the destionations to begin with. This also provides the option to show country based links for certain sites (which helps to link to the actual country a user is from instead of just Amazon.com for example).

Use-Case: Auto Redirect

We also support direct redirecting links which are simple short links which just point the user to a nother site. These can be useful if you'd just like to create a link like foxi.li/MyTwitter to go directly to your Twitter profile.

Your Custom Domain

If you'd like, you can also use your own custom domain for your short links and set that up. Sub-domains (aka go.yourwebsite.com) can be setup via the CNAME-DNS-Record and top level domains (aka

 mysho.rt) can be setup via a DNS A-Record. This feature is currently in development but already in use by one domain, if you'd like this feature to be activated on your account, please contact us.

A cusotm domain helps achive three main aspects: 1) you have your own branding, 2) you can create shorter links (depending on your domain ofcourse), and 3) you get your own short link name space meaning you are the only person who can create links in that space and so you don't have as many "this short is already used" situations and have free range with your short link choice.


Foxi.Link features basic view counting for the short links as well as the destination clicks. We take a privacy centric approach here and do not track IP addresses or set cookies in any way. As of right now, analytics are only shown as "lifetime view count" on a per short link basis. But there is the possibility to add daily stats at some point.

Project Status

Fox.Link is in early development and that means that things are not perfect, they probably will break, and there most certainly will be a bit of downtime here and there as I build this project to be more robust, feature rich, and stable.

Despite writing "We" in some places, I (Chris Spiegl) am the only developer behind the scenes right now. I built Foxi.Link mostly for myself but noticed in conversations that it could be incredibly useful to others as well so I decided to put this project online.

Being a side project for me, however, also means that development may be slow at times. I have some big plans for the whole system (nicer web interface | great insights about short views, destination clicks, and possibly A/B testing | prettier short page layouts | more affiliate system integrations | etc.) but all that will take some good development.

If you'd like to know more about the project, have feedback, or ideas please share those with me on TwitterTelegram or via email. Thank you 🌸.

So, use at your own risk, let me know what you think about the project, and I hope to be able to provide you with a powerful tool.